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Un Quai sur La Corse from Zak Itani on Vimeo.

Real Estate of a house in the south of Corsica, near Porto-Vecchio, at Tarcu.
Video immobilière d’une maison située en Corse du sud, au nord de Porto-Vecchio, à Tarcu.

Shot with Canon 5DmkII + 24-105mm L f/4. HDR shots enabled by Magic Lantern, processed in Adobe After Effect CS5. - I can answer questions about the workflow-
Edited in Premiere Pro CS5
Color corrected in MBL.


Portugal - Eternal new World from Zak Itani on Vimeo.

All shots are based on a trip I did in August 2013. From Porto to Sevilla, approximately 700km of cultural discoveries among the very welcoming Portugese people.
Portugal has very deep roots, thus its richness, althought provided by a very diverse landscape, mainly relies in its history which began somewhere near 22000 and 10000 BC. Its modern history (still very old) begins with the Phenicians, the Greeks, the Romans till the Moors. Most importantly, Portugal pioneered all the discoveries during the renaissance period. See Vasco da Gama.
Having said that here is what I can offer from my trip to Portugal.

- Porto
- Peniche
- Obidòs
- Lisbon
- Faro

Shot on 5D mkII + 24-105mm & 50mm. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and graded with Magic Bullet Pro.